Sunday, October 27, 2013

Najib And His Campbell Alphabet Soup Kitchen aka Politics Of Non-Development

Malaysians have long suspected that our Cabinet has largely if not entirely been made up of half past six members well before the grand old man himself, in exasperation and no longer in power and no longer quite able to have things his way, had pronounced so.

And we know that Mahathir himself must be the one largely responsible for the glorious state of the Cabinet today for, wasn't he the one who had surrounded himself, in the 23 long years of his tenure, mostly with yes men or with those who weren't seen as smarter and therefore a personal threat to his position?

No wonder that the smarter ones like Anwar and Musa Hitam were either forced out or had to leave.

Today, discerning Malaysians (the 51% who did not vote for Najib and his ruling coalition, I am not too certain about the minority 47% who did) have totally given up any hope of Najib's Cabinet being coherent, let alone being competent.

So it is that today, we have senior Cabinet ministers whose brilliance consists of uttering imbecilic and certainly un-ministerial threats. As if that formed part of their constitutional ministerial duties.

Or saying one thing and not understanding themselves.

And certainly very clearly not understanding the voices of the majority who did not vote for the ruling coalition or their corrosiveness.

Starting with the Pm himself who was naively hoping that by giving birth to his political first-born, the 1Malaysia child, he would score points with the Malaysian populace and be hailed as an inclusive premier.

Little did he appreciate nor understand that it requires more than just the effort of childbirth to show that you mean business.

And certainly he fatally failed to appreciate or understand that DUMBno politics is not the politics of the rakyat.

DUMBno politics is the politics of the elite - the politics of the DUMBnoputras. Not even the politics of the Malays who are not DUMBno members. Not even the politics of the Malays who are DUMBno members, but not the elite.

And sure enough, even before his political first born could draw its first breath properly, the helpless and hapless blob was strangled to death by non other than Najib's own esteemed and trusted deputy.

And the poor, timid father of the unfortunate child could do nothing to save it and never seemed to try anyway, except that he won't allow the ghost of the child to R.I.P.

Not totally anyway. So, occasionally when it suits to resurrect the still born, Malaysians do get to hear the poorly departed child's name now and then, touted as proof of Pm's inclusive credentials, though we all know that the 1Malaysia child had effectively been still born and long been buried and gone.

To perhaps soothe himself and to show that the still born was not the only thing he could give birth to, the Pm soon delivered another child - Najib's Campbell Alphabet Soup Kitchen.

Here is where he concocted and cooked his potpourri of hard to understand and even harder to remember acronymic economic plans that were supposed to transform the Malaysian economic landscape and raise the living standard of the rakyat and make everyone happy .

But what is being raised is the costs of living and the ire of the people, what with the ever rising prices of everyday goods and services and the introduction of the dreaded consumption tax (the GST) in 2015.

The politics of division, not inclusiveness.

The Indians have been mocked.

The Chinese threatened.

The Christians demonised.

And still, Najib insists that he won't tolerate racist politics.

Yet, he wears silence as a badge of honour, not speaking out against blatant acts of racism and/or racist words.

And he still insists that his Campbell Alphabet Soup plans only need time to see their fruition.

While he allows the sovereign debt to balloon out of control from profligate spending, and corruption and corrupt practices to continue to corrode our pride and the economy.

Now also, he says that the politics of development cannot continue to be the main thrust because his ruling coalition has lost Penang to the opposition because they (his ruling coalition, meaning mostly DUMBno lah!) have been too successful in governing.

Well, he could say that too about losing Selangor to the opposition. But what about Kelantan, one of the poorer states?

Kelantan has been "lost" to the opposition for 20 plus years already!

What about the remaining 10 states that remain in the ruling coalition's hands? Is Najib admitting that they have failed these 10 other states all these years for more than half a century?

See, Najib understands not what he says.

Turbid in thought and pompous in demeanour.

And fatuous in presumption - just like his Cabinet?

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