Friday, May 10, 2013

Is Najib Being Naughty Or Just Being Recalcitrant?

If Najib is recalcitrant, it is because he believes in his own words.

And when you believe ardently in your own words, you can't (or won't ) see the contradictions.

When Najib first became the Pm courtesy of a party coup that ousted his predecessor Badawi, he gave birth to the 1Malayisa child but he failed as a father.

He allowed the child to be crippled and he did nothing to defend it against racist attempts to strangle it.

He just sat and watched even as the sound bites against the unfortunate child became more and more strident.

He even defended his trusted deputy who had defamed the poor child by defiantly declaiming that he (the deputy) was firstly a Malay, and only secondly a Malaysian.

Ah Jib even allowed the fellows who had happily attacked the poor 1Malaysia sod by their constant strident racist sound bites, to stand as candidates in GE13.

And Ah Jib would still have us believe that the child is still alive and kicking.

Yes, kicking the bucket

Now that the GE13 results don't look so encouraging to him, Najib tried to blame it on the Chinese. Then thought of national reconciliation.

But the very next day, he came out to defend Utusan ("The Toilet Paper" to some) for their incendiary article against the Chinese

Now he says that the Chinese had been taken for a ride and blames DAP for trying to hoodwink them.

See how Ah Jib talks.

Tomorrow we might hear Hyde speaking, or should it be Jekyll?

Whatever, the Chinese just want to remind him that they are not as dense as Ah Jib Kor who thinks that everyone is as dense as he is.

We are not so easily taken for a ride, otherwise how have we been able to manage and still succeed without help from him or his benevolent Barisan government.

We just want to vote a government that we think is not corrupt, that we feel will treat all its citizens fairly, irrespective of race, colour, creed or religion and protect their rights equally.

A government that works for the benefit of all its citizens and not just for the interests of a privileged coterie of connected families, hangers-on, cronies and nominees and party apparatchiks.

A government that we feel will not compromise the agencies and institutions of the state.

A government that can ensure that it runs the nation's economy responsibly without also running it to bankruptcy.

A government that can ensure equal opportunity to all and make us feel safe and not tell us that the spike in crime rate is merely a perception.

A government that.......

Najib, fill in the blanks.

But please make certain that they make sense.

And while you are at it, Najib, take a look at the crowds

Also take a look at the picture here and maybe think about the suggestions too

And take a look too at the video from Malaysia Chronicle

They all look Chinese to me.

And if you have the time, Sir, also read this lovely piece on the significance of the event, by J.D Lovrenciear which I cite in full below

Malaysia Chronicle Mailbag

Indeed the very sight of a packed stadium of Malaysians of all races dressed in black should be sending a power-packed message not only to the BN power grabbers but to the whole wide world too. Here is a world class example – Malaysian style, of citizens of all ethnic origins gathering on their own volition to express in a disciplined, peaceful manner that they will not take the reported unfair and fraudulent General Elections lying down.
What is indeed amazing is that many in the crowds that wisely took the LRT and walked all the way to the Kelanan Jaya stadium did not even know how to get there. But they did. Therein lies an important lesson in communicative behavior to BN leaders.
When the going gets tough, the tough get going.
The wet field was not a deterrent. People of all ages just sat on the green – again without any prompting. What is even more amazing is to see a sea of young people – Chinese, Indians and Malays (and certainly many also looked like Sabahans or Sarawakians) – all of them wearing black clothes. It speaks volumes about the tens of thousands being able to relate with and identify their struggle for a single cause, i.e. to return true democracy to Malaysia.
Lim Kit Siang, Ambiga and Anwar Ibrahim received standing ovation even before they could utter a single word. That is the kind of admiration the crowds showered on these two leaders. What is most surprising is the fact that young people – probably only in their early twenties, were backing these three leaders. That again speaks volumes of how true leadership successfully cuts across all age groups and all Malaysians irrespective of their ethnicity.
Ominous for Najib & Umno
Yes, you cannot play dumb; you cannot dismiss this rally. It is a collective expression of the people’s wishes. If BN tries to derail or bin this episode as another political rousing by the opposition, then it does so at its own peril. Here is a momentum that will only get larger over time!
Looking at the energy on the ground, it is very clear that Malaysians are not going to take “No” for an answer. They want justice and the ground and crowd sentiment says it all – loud and clear. It takes a fool to not notice.
BN leaders need to remove their political power and control lens and look at the reality as it is with knowledge and wisdom. The people appear resolved to show the world that through their passive movement they will ensure that democracy is not only said is being practiced but also see to it that democracy is seen and practiced.
As the massive stadium packed crowds left the venue, there were no policemen or event coordinators to help navigate the human traffic that had to squeeze its way out of the narrow and few gates. But there was no pushing, no screaming. They just moved in an awesome manner that would leave any observer with great admiration.
Many young boys – Malays and Chinese and Indians, working side by side, took to managing the traffic as the vehicles were paralyzed into a bumper to bumper jam. The absence of traffic police did not matter. The youths demonstrated they were capable and responsible to resolve the flow.
There was no free food. No free drinks. No free entertainment. But despite thousands of them having to walk many kilometers after the event indicates that people want justice at all cost. It was also so easy to thumb lifts – Indians, Chinese or Malays was not a criteria to oblige. Even the direction you are going was not an issue.
All these experiences and observations were bringing the masses together, a bonding that will be hard to destroy.
This again proves the degree of conviction that there is brotherhood to the rally. That unity is to return fair play into politics.
The world will notice
Indeed, the world will take notice. For here is a nation of people who are time and time again proving that despite all that Tun Dr Mahathir has threatened and prophesied, Malaysians on the contrary keep reaffirming that they are a united co-existing lot supporting each other in ensuring there is a level playing field for everyone.
If BN leaders ignore or belittle this new wave in the country, it is going to set them even further down the scale of credibility. If the global community of leaders look to the contrary and continue to congratulate the BN leaders who are taking office nevertheless, it could only embarrass them eventually.
To put things in the right perspective (or bluntly, if you may), this is not an opposition ruckus or ploy. It is citizens’ action that finds its voice in the leaders who are quick to sense it and galvanize resolution. And for that PR deserves commendation.
Indeed, this rally reignites hope for a nation and also serves as a warning for tyrannies around the world. Hence the sooner the powers that be come to their senses and redress the issues at hand, the better for everyone. Denial will expedite even a permanent demise of BN that probably may take several decades to repair and reinvent    

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