Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Is Najib A Closet Taoist?

It is interesting that nobody ever thought of Najib as a philosopher.

Maybe he does fancy himself as a Bertrand Russel though, sincerely, I doubt anyone would believe that.

Now it seems that there may be more to the man than meets the eyes

Unfortunately for him, I know Lao Tzu isn't amused. Notice that I use the present tense. That has something to do with Taoism. (BTW, Lao Tzu is listed as one of the world's 50 famous philosophers - look up the internet)

At the very least, Najib should have read up a little on Taoism.

Taoism has nothing to do with moderation.

Moderation is not Taoism's middle name.

At least, if Najib had referred to moderation and Buddhism, Sakyamuni might have smiled on him a little, but only a little.

As it is, in his eagerness to win over the Chinese votes, Najib might have turned off those Taoists in the know.

Taoism has to do with the pathless path and effortless effort.

Doing and yet not doing.

Going with the flow.

Not resisting.

Not pontificating.

Not doing it "my way"

Not "lu tolong gua, gua tolong lu" (you scratch my back, I scratch yours)

In Taoism, there are not backs to to scratched.

The only back there is, is the pathless path.

And even then, the pathless path is really not a path.

Nor is it to be transversed.

It is a path, yet it is not.

It has nothing to do with politics.

And certainly zilch to do with Umno.

Or what Malaysians see as Umno's way of crumbs for you and the Fort Knox for me.

Of forked tongues and shameless promises.

Taoism is for the brave.

Not for the cowards.

Nor for the cowardly.

It is for the madman.

The madman who knows that madness is beauty.

And beauty is madness.

That between beauty and madness, there is only the pathless path.

And effortless effort.

And the flow.

And where the flow takes you to hell, you don't resist.

Where it takes you to heaven, you don't clamour too.

You welcome.

You go along.

You flow with it.

Because you know.

Is there anything to resist?

Umno, unfortunately, it seems, is all about resisting.

Resisting change.

Maintaining the status quo.

Keeping the goodies to yourselves, your families, your friends, your cronies and your two dollar companies.

Throwing crumbs to the fools.

Expecting the fools to be grateful.

To kowtow.

To say:

"My Lord!"

"Oh, my Lord!"

"Thou art god, My Lord!"

"For thou hath delivered me from poverty"

"From the jaws of the Devil himself!"

"And for this, My Lord..."

"I am eternally bersyukur (grateful)!"

But in Taoism,

Unfortunately for Umno...

And Najib,

There are no fools...

Only those who know.

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