Saturday, February 23, 2013

Money For ICs Makes Good Sense

Eleven million ringgit for selling ICs makes eminent good sense.

Money talks and that is something Malaysians can understand.

Even if the country goes to the dogs.

Mahathir said that it is all right to grant citizenship to foreigners so long as they are Muslim, habitually speak the Malay language and practise Malay customs.

But anyone with any measure of intelligence knows that those are only some of the pre-conditions for some category of people.

You don't just grant Malaysian citizenship to any Tom, Dick and Harry who meet those pre-conditions.

In fact, if you are Tom, Dick or Harry, you are unlikely to meet those conditions anyway.

Meeting those pre-conditions doesn't grant you the right to automatic citizenship.

Imagine were it otherwise!

You have to look to see whether they will be able to make meaningful contribution to the country in the short and long term were they to be granted citizenship, and whether granting citizenship to them will in any adverse way affect the the overall welfare of the country and of the Malaysian populace.

There are a thousand and one thing that you should in fact consider before granting citizenship to anyone who you think otherwise meet the pre-conditions, EXCEPT for those entitled to by law.

Merely meeting the pre-conditions does not grant you entitlement by law.

But Mahathir also said that Tunku might be wrong for granting citizenship to the non-Malays, pre independence.

Some people say that Mahathir was a Keralan, an Indian.

Now, of course, he is a Malaysian.

And a Malay.

And Anwar was responsible for the mess in Sabah.

Anwar went beyond instructions.

Mahathir stayed within those.

His own, of course!

Cute, wasn't it?

Tell that to the bumiputera Sabahans.

I don't think they care for cuteness nor for a champion of one.


  1. Hi,

    I will be applying for PR in a few more years time as I have no plans at all to ever live in England again. But changing citizenship is a big thing!
    Duncan In Kuantan

    1. You are welcome, Duncan. We know you are not here to cause trouble; you are offering your teaching skill. We need more people who are serious of being responsible citizens who also can contribute to the country's welfare. Hope you succeed. Citizenship is a big thing and I agree with what you on that.



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