Saturday, January 19, 2013

In Defence Of Mahathir

Because nowadays Malaysians (except of course for his die-hard admirers) are wont to pin the blame on Mahathir for every ill of the country, I was thinking to find something in defence of the venerable young man.

So lets cut to the core and not waste time.

Mahathir was responsible for a number of things:

  • Proton car
  • MSC (Multi-media Super Corridor)
  • Introducing Formula 1 Racing To Malaysia
  • Petronas Twin Towers 

Proton Car

Nah, too much good money wasted in supporting an unsustainable industry that even Musa Hitam (not the ex-IGP now turned police watchdog and critic) the former deputy prime minisiter had thought so years ago.

I can't support an industry that has artificially kept car prices high and forced many a Malaysian to risk his life driving in a tin can.




Bill Gates? 

Hardly heard much of the media, super or corridor anymore.

Formula 1

So now we know who Schumacher was.

Bur what benefits has Formula 1 racing in Sepang brought to the average Malaysian Jane or Joe? 

How much is spent just to sustain the annual circus?

More importantly, what has Formula 1 racing done to help lift the deplorable state of Malaysian sport which remains as deplorable and moribund as it has been for decades now.

Oops, perhaps except for Chong Wei.

And certainly except for Datuk Nicol David, to whom I must take my hat off in salute.

Petronas Twin Towers

Do I think of the Burj when I think of Abu Dhabi?

Do I think of the 101 when I think of Taiwan?

Sure, the Petronas twins are undoubtedly beautiful twin phallic symbols and a cushy office.

When Malaysians nowadays think of Mahathir they also think of the legacy of a cowed and dysfunctional judiciary, of a police force that is now more famous for Kugan and Aminulrasyid or of tear gas and water cannons and, of course, of Bersih.

Or of an anti corruption commission that is more noted for Ahmad Sarbani and Teoh Beng Hock and ikan bilis (small fish) than for chasing after the big sharks.

Of the culture of crony capitalism and mega projects and I do it my way or for you the ISA way.

And of course, of the crooked bridge to nowhere that got lost in Oxford. 

But wait, I am not such an unappreciative blind mice.

Mahathir did do something for which all Malaysians must be grateful for, and even the entire opposition at that time, fully supported. One of the rare rare times that both the government bench and the opposition embraced each other.

He made the blue bloods to be personally liable for any acts committed not in their official capacity or function. 

So now, who says there is nothing to be said in defence of the venerable young man?

Not I.

And I hope, not you too.  


  1. I think Dr Mahathir did a great job in progressing the country !

  2. Wong, I heard that during the time Mahathir was the Pm not only was Malaysia but also other South-East-Asain countries, not to talk Korea and Taiwan, who were all doing well and called 'Tiger' economies. I heard too from those more knowledgeable, that you and I would have done as well, if not better than what Mahathir did. At least there wouldn't have been the forex disgrace, the Mamico debacle that killed the Malaysian tin industry, the Bank Bumi scandal and a host of other wonderful stuff that Malaysia could do very well without. Okay, maybe no twin towers. But Abu Dhabi was there before the Burj and Taiwan too before the Taipei 101. Thanks for your input though. All views are welcome.



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