Saturday, August 13, 2011

Genting Highlands

Kristina's relatives on vacation from England decided to go for a day trip to Genting Highlands.

Indeed of driving, we decided to take the Genting bus from K.L Sentral. We started late, so time was a premium.

The bus left K.L Sentral at 1.30 pm and we only arrived at Genting at about 3pm. By the time we arrived at the Genting Skybridge lower station, about half way up, to board the cable car to Genting Highlands Resort, it had started to drizzle.

So, the views from the gondola were somewhat blurry.

View From Our Gondola
Approaching A Pylon Tower

Sophia, Ming And Leo Inside Gondola
Waiting To Board Genting Skybridge
A Happy Sophia
Because of the drizzle, the out-door theme park was not a viable option for the kids.

View Of Section Of Out-Door Theme Park
A Ride At The Out-Door Theme Park
Another View Of The Out-Door Theme Park
So, the kids had to opt for the Indoor-Door Theme Park where Leo and Sophia decided to have fun crashing into each other.

Leo Enjoying Himself

Sophia Trying To Manoeuvre Her Way
Ming and her daughter Sophia were supposed to ride the indoor cyclone but they decided against it after having being made to wait for some 20 minutes while on site maintenance works were being carried out on the cars.

Ming And Sophia Had Been Waiting Patiently For The Cyclone
Venice In The Indoor-Door Theme Park
Because the kids were not allowed into the resort casinos, we adults, except for Ming, went in to try our luck while the kids went for some arcade games. But it wasn't a lucky day. Anyway, it was just for the fun of it and we never betted big.

Stopping By For Some Cooling Chinese Herbal Drink
Shinning Giant Bronze Urns For Holding The Herbal Teas
Ming, Sophia And Leo At The Herbal Tea Shop

The Theatre Of Dreams Where Many International Shows Are Held With The Resorts World Hotel In The Background
Michael Learns To Rock Poster
Kristina And E.H
The Genting Skybridge Upper Station Bathed In Eerie Light
For me, the most enjoyable part of the trip was the ride down in the cable car. The forest below looked so fresh and quiet and the silence just enveloped you. It was so meditative. It was about 7.30 pm when our gondola left the upper station. It was still drizzling.

The Forest Below Looked So Fresh And Quiet And Silent

Stopping By For Some Tidbits
Leo Looking For His Favourite Tidbit
Leo And Sophia Posing Before A Veritable Mountain of Dried Sliced Cuttle Fish
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                         A short video of the cable car ride up Genting Highlands


  1. It was drizzling while we were there too. I think it's always drizzling at Genting haha! The cable car ride sure is intimidating!

    Duncan In Kuantan

  2. Yes, it seems to be so. The last time I went up about a year ago, it was also drizzling. But I enjoyed the cable car ride. I like it if the weather is a little intimidating like light rain and winds. Crazy isn't it, Duncan. But I really do.


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