Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Are We Deifying Our Leaders?

We are fast becoming a caricature of our own making.

Are we making deities of our leaders that there should be so many things you can't do about them?

Like putting a slipper to their pictures? Doing just this to a poster of the Pm has got the poor retiree into trouble with the law.

Most of us Bolehlanders don't see how doing that is going to provoke a breach of the peace or that it amounts to criminal intimidation of the Pm.

The man was just angry with the government and wanted to send a message. It was not as if he had threatened to physically harm Ah Jib Kor.

I am sure that if the same had happened to the world's most powerful man, Obama would have simply ignored it, if not have had a good laugh at the man's gumption. After all, there is freedom of speech and expression, no?

Here, we are so sensitive to the slightest hint of disapproval of a public figure as if god himself is offended. Are we deifying our leaders?

Our reaction is more consonant with that of rogue nations with untouchable great and dear leaders than that of the greatest democracy in the world, if we were to believe Ah Jib himself.

Really, what the poor retiree did is no different from political satire in motion. If we are not offended, or shouldn't be anyway, with political satire, than we shouldn't be, too, with a man putting a slipper to a pretty poster of the Pm.

I think Zunar has the making of another great book from this one.

Friday, October 17, 2014

What Bolehland Needs

Bolehland does not need more expressways and expensive wasteful mega projects.

We have these aplenty since the tenure of the man who thinks he is still the Pm and they have made life more difficult and expensive for us long suffering Bolehlanders.

The expressways, especially the urban ones, have choked traffic in places instead of dispersing it and made us pay for the right to get from point A to point B.

What we need is a change of government, with a leader who is able to be a unitary unifying figure, one who does not and won't need to predicate his political survival on narrow, parochial interests like race and religion.

One who is able to bring the country together, instead of talking expansively on it. One short on slogans but long on performance.

One able to cut the back of corruption, corrupt practices and crony capitalism that have cost the nation dear and that result in Bolehland being one of the countries in the world with some of the highest illicit annual outflows of funds.

One who can rein in the perennial runaway budgets and stop the over spending year upon year that has resulted in a burgeoning sovereign debt that threatens to bankrupt the nation and unravel everything for us.

One whose grasp and understanding of economics does not consist of off-budget shenanigans that cloud the truth and further threaten to aggravate the sovereign debt and make a mockery of the national budget and accountability.

One who is able to restore the nation's faith in the judiciary and other public institutions, including the police department, the AG's chambers, the Election Commission, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission and even the ROS.

One who is not afraid of or easily offended by criticisms and open debate. One who believes in a free press and freedom of expression and speech and assembly.

One who is confident in himself and his ability to lead fairly and impartially. One who is not even afraid of being kicked out of office.

The road to a dysfunctional administration and nation started with the tenure of the man who thinks he is still the Pm, when dissent was suppressed and institutions were cowed and the emphasis was on enriching and empowering the elite in the name of affirmative action while the rest supposed to be affirmed have to rely on band aids and handouts like Ah Jib Kor's BR1M that leave them more like beggars than owners.

What we need is a much needed change of government.

Unfortunately, that looks more like a pipe dream now, with the disruptive Pas still a member of the opposition coalition.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Hitachi Inspire The Next?

Every time I come across Hitachi's tagline or whatever you call it - "Inspire the Next" - I am flummoxed or left in two minds whether to be inspired or not.

If Hitachi inspires the next, whatever that means, then Hitachi 'inspires'

If Hitachi 'inspire' the next, you are actually being asked to inspire the next (whatever that means again), which would be even more open-ended and dubious.

If Hitachi simply inspires the next, whatever that means, an idea or innovation, then wouldn't

Simply Inspiring

be more inspiring and leave no room for doubt or anyone to be flummoxed?

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