Sunday, September 21, 2014

Pas, Hadi And God: Is God A Closet Misogynist?

We all know that men can be very misogynistic.

But if god is a closet misogynist, for we know not that god has openly declared this, Hadi might as well claim credit.

This man allegedly said that he would be dragged to hell if he didn't stop Kak Wan from becoming the Selangor MB.

We think that Hadi being dragged to the nether world might just not be too bad for everyone. Less one holier-than-thou mullah. And if the rest of the Pas members also suffer a similar fate for not opposing Kak Wan's appointment, that would save Pakatan further sorrow. And Bolehlanders a circus they are not keen to witness, gratis though the show might be. (Though really, we don't really wish that fate for Hadi & Co)

Pakatan as a coalition with Pas around is already a dead duck, after all the backstabbing and horsing around medieval fears (excuses?) of the woman as a leader and the horse trading and behind the scenes jostling for power and positions in the name of acclaimed religious propriety.

The male ego of some beings can be mighty confounding. Though perfidy might not.

No matter that they often (ab) use religion to prop up their ideology.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Really? Should Shila Amzah Sound Like Teresa Deng?

Every Chinese person knows who Teresa Deng was. She is the darling of Chinese music even years after her untimely passing.

Teresa Deng was one of a kind. An unique talent that will never be seen again for a long, long time. If ever.

But should those singing her songs sound exactly like her? Are we looking for a clone? Is it even desirable? Would Teresa Deng herself approve?

I understand that people want what they are familiar with. It gives them comfort and a feeling of assurance.

But really, if we can only appreciate a song sung by others when it sounds exactly like the original, then we are better off listening to a record.

No two person's voice will sound exactly alike. It is even undesirable that one should sing like the original singer.

The music world will become the poorer and deprived were it to be so. The beauty is that a song can be sung in so many ways, and a good rendition enriches the music scene.

Teresa's 月亮代表我的心 is the definitive Teresa and I can understand that people are uncomfortable or even upset when it is rendered differently.

Any artist who has any pretensions of conquering the Chinese music world would sooner or later have to contend with his/her version of the Teresa classic .

Many of her fans were upset when they heard Shila's rendition of the song. But I think we need to grow up.

Personally, I think Shila did a wonderful rendition of 月亮代表我的心. It just goes to show her versatility and how good she often is in the rendition of a song

If Shila had sung and sounded more like Teresa Deng, I would have also applauded. But that would have been a waste of talent!


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Shila Amzah: Malaysia's New Big Name In Entertainment

In the history of the local entertainment scene, no Malay artist has ever captured the attention not only of a large section of the Malaysian Chinese audience but also the Chinese audience in China.

Since winning the 'Asian Wave' singing competition in Shanghai two years ago, Shila has not looked back. After taking part in the second edition of China Hunan TV 'I Am A Singer' competition this year, she has further cemented her place in the hearts of her Chinese fans.

She has just successfully held her first ever concerts in Shanghai last month and in Kuala Lumpur 3 days ago.

It is not easy for one whose native tongue is not Chinese and who had been singing mostly Malay and English songs to make such quick transition to singing Chinese songs and capturing everyone's heart.

This one is one of her performances at her Shila Amzah Love Concert Shanghai (Yi Yang De Yue Guang - song and dance) 

 And here she duets with her guest artist Taiwanese heartthrob James 楊永聪 at her just concluded Shila Amzah Love Concert Kuala Lumpur (Hao Jiu Bu Jian)

And here's her interaction with her audience at the Malaysian concert

You should check out the internet for videos showing her appearance in China CCTV where she sang her 天神纪 for the HTC Chinese Global Music Top Ten Chart Event

Also check for videos where she sang folk song 'Tibetan Plateau' I particularly like her singing that haunting folk song.


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