Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Is The Ghost Of Altantuya Still Haunting Us?

The murder of Altantuya is one case that just refuses to go away. Like the case also of Teoh Beng Hock?

Just when we thought that the Federal Court's final decision on the case that upheld the conviction of the two special police personnel for the murder of the Mongolian beauty would draw the curtain on the case, one of the two convicts absconded to the Land Down Under.

How Sirul managed to do so while still awaiting the apex court's decision on a capital offence is perhaps a peculiarly Bolehland phenomenon. Just like how there was no immigration record of the murdered Mongolian beauty's entry into the country.

Perhaps the restless spirit of Altantuya is still haunting us, seeking for ultimate truth and closure.

For, though Bolehlanders aren't exactly disputing the apex court's conviction of the two police personnel, they are wondering what motive the policemen had for so ruthlessly killing the Mongolian beauty who was not known to them.

Rightly or wrongly, this has only led to speculation that someone or some persons had the motive to want to do away with the Mongolian beauty for one reason or another, and that it may all lead up to the people holding the reins of power.

That, of course, is a scary prospect and might well explain why the government of the day is scrambling hard (before any beans get spilled?) to extradite Sirul from the Land Down Under, allegedly even to the extent of being willing to consider commuting the death sentence on Sirul in order to do so.

How they plan to commute the death sentence on Sirul is altogether a different thing. The only way seems to be to seek a royal pardon for Sirul. But it won't do for the government of the day or the Attorney General (AG) to seek a royal pardon on the convict's behalf, would it?

This has not, however, allegedly deterred a smart alec from claiming that the AG has the power to commute a death sentence.

If indeed the AG has such a magical power, it is interesting to know under what law the AG is conferred the privilege.

But if indeed the AG has the power to commute a death sentence, wouldn't that be anathema to our system of justice - for then, in effect, wouldn't the AG be BOTH the prosecutor and judge?

Of course, the government of the day could always attempt to pass a law doing away with the death sentence altogether and making it retrospective to cover Sirul's case. But people would be wondering why just for the Sirul's instance, the government would altogether abolish the death sentence across the board.

The last would only reinforce Bolehlanders' suspicion that there is something more than meets the eye in the despicable murder of Altantuya.

So, it does seem that the Bolehland government is caught in a bind.

But more probably, it is the restless ghost of Altantuya that won't go away in peace until the ultimate truth comes to light.

Until then, perhaps even the King of Hades himself might be awaiting a just resolution to balance and close the book of life and death in the nether world in the Mongolian beauty's case.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Bolehland, What's New?

I was away for the Chinese New Year.

And what a blessed week it had been!

I had resolved not to read the news or to watch the idiot box for the same.

But all good things have to come to an end. And now it is back to the grind.

Nothing has changed where Bolehland is concerned.

The same old depressing news continue to hog the headlines.

You and I can't expect that Ah Jib & Co would just disappear, though there is speculation that Ah Jib himself might find life at the top difficult with the ghost of Altantuya still refusing to go away and the sad tale of 1MDB continuing to bedevil the sovereign fund of which he heads.

Not to speak of the fallout of Anwar's second sodomy conviction.

Nor that the economy would miraculously take a healthy turn, what with the plummeting international price of crude oil and the value of the Ringgit going down south.

(What is certain is that Bolehlanders can only look forward to more hardships with the added burden of consumption tax to hit hard their limited pockets come April when the Goods & Services Tax comes into force)

Less still that we can expect Ah Jib and his administration to have any idea what to do or the will to want to do anything meaningful.

It seems that much of what ails the country today might be traced back to Mahathir's tenure as the Pm when public business began to be transacted behind the skirt of the Official Secrets Act (OSA)

When huge public contracts began in a large way to be awarded on a direct basis to cronies and crony companies. When accountability meant not questioning the powers that be.

When failures were rewarded with bailouts and successes were privatised.

With the event advent of public transactions conducted behind the skirt of the OSA, and the following lack of accountability, came the possibility and spectre of corruption and corrupt practice and their entrenchment.

The rest, they say, can only speak eloquently of failure.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Women, It's Fate If You Are Raped!

If you look at some men, they do look like apes indeed.

But apes don't go around raping their female counterparts, even if they are all unclad.

Human apes are a different specie altogether. These claim culture and civilisation and superiority and learning over their cousins.

But when it comes to men's libido, they place the blame on the women.

You see, women's bodies are dangerous devils

They incite wild imaginations and weaken the men and make jelly of all of them. But itchy ones that, that then are justified to vent their lust on the women for being the inciting devils.

God is unfair. Why should men always have to suffer?

The role of a temptress is easy peasy. A woman's body shape is enough to undo a man. If women don't cover up their bodies, they only deserve to have men's lust vented on them.

And if they do cover up their bodies and still get raped, it is all fated.

You see, fate and a woman's body are intertwined.

If a woman doesn't cover up her body, she is inviting to be raped. It is what lawyers would call 'itt' (invitation to treat) - a dangerous specie of pre-contractual relationship.

If a woman does cover up her body and still gets raped, it is fate at work.

There is no escape.

But for some apes - the human kind - they don't know what is good for them.

They certainly do know how to talk, though, as if, (or because) that is the only thing they ever know about anything.

Or they are just fated that way?

Ah, fate again. If only thou were not a woman.

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