Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Opposition (Sans Pas Ulama Faction) Is The Only Hope For Bolehland

The fight between Mahathir and Ah Jib is heating up nicely and it does look like Mahathir might win, despite the Pm's continued bravado.

But will that make any difference to the lives of the ordinary Bolehlanders?

When Najib is finally forced out, will things turn around for the long suffering rakyat?

If we are honest and realistic about it, things won't change much for the better.

dUMNo is so hobbled (for so long) by their politics of patronage, entitlement, race, religion and money (and all that that stand for) that we just can't expect whoever takes over from Ah Jib to be able to do much to to dismantle the edifice that dUMNo has become.

Not even if Tengku Razaleigh takes over. Sorry, even the prince himself will find it impossible to do the necessary because the dUMNo warlords who have been having it easy for so long will not tolerate any meddling with the status quo.

With Ah Jib still around, we are surely doomed. Without, any respite will be fleeting only.

The only realistic hope lies with the opposition, sans the Pas ulama faction.

We need to give others a chance to give ourselves a chance. dUMNo has been ruling the day for 60 umpteen years and things are only steadily getting worse each day.

If we thought that the opposition is an unproven quantity, we need only to look at what they have done as the administration of the day in Selangor and Penang.

For sure, dUMNo has proven to be an increasing risk to the nation.

But to kick out dUMNo and vote in the opposition, more Malay voters have to wake up from must come to recognise the dUMNo fostered fable that without them the Malays themselves will just disappear is just that - a fable, nothing more.

It is a fable that is long past its shelf life and ought to be put to pasture, for the good of everyone.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Mahathir And His Irrational Fear Of The Opposition

Pity Mahathir. His pressing obsession is on dUMNo's survival.

He wants Najib to resign because he fears that dUMNo will not survive the next general election if the Pm stays on.

And he fears that the country will be in chaos when the opposition wins.

Pity, because in all the three states where the opposition is the administration of the day, we don't see chaos.

In fact, Selangor and Penang are doing well economically and in other aspects. Selangor and Penang folks are happy and life goes on peacefully for them. There is no chaos to speak of. And although Kelantan is not doing so well economically, life there is anything but chaotic or in chaos.

Don't know where Mahathir got his irrational fear from.

Unless, of course he fears that when the opposition takes over from dUMNo to form the Federal Government of the day, they will dig out all the dirt of the previous administrations and make the culprits pay for their sins.

Well, that will certainly make the lives of the guilty ones chaotic.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

If Arsene Wenger Is A Specialist In Failure, Then Jose Mourinho Is A Specialist In Boring Football

When Jose Mourinho hit back at Arsenal fans taunting his team for playing boring football, he really must have felt the sting of the comment because deep down Mourinho knew that the Arsenal fans were right!

If Arsene Wenger is a specialist in failure, then Jose Mourinho must be the specialist in boring football.

Scoring more goals than your nearest competitor and winning titles do not automatically equate with playing beautiful football.

Barcelona and Real Madrid (except for the time Mourinho was their manager), and Bayern Munich in recent times, do the same but they do play attractive football.

Though Arsenal fans may not be happy with their team for failing to win the premiership title for a decade now, none of them would (or could) say that their team play boring football.

Parking the bus in front of the goal and hoping for the lucky forays when playing the bigger teams for fear of losing, is not the mark of a great team who believe in their ability to play attractive football.

You could win titles by playing dull football, but that is another matter. You can't claim that you play beautiful football when you do so.

When Arsenal were winning titles under Wenger, they certainly were not playing boring football.

One reason why Mourinho was sacked during his first stint as the Chelsea manager, despite his success, was the boring brand of football he had brought to the club.

Now, after five years without a title, I guess Chelsea's owner was desperate enough to reengage Mourinho to try to win again, boring football or not.

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