Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Is Najib Desperately Trying To Steady A Rocky And Sinking Ship?

The  man caught in the center of a storm that threatens to sink the ship he helms has finally acted to cast out the crew members not seen or perceived as toeing his line. So out went his deputy and the Apdal fellow.

Welcome to the world of politics - a world where the sole consideration is personal survival at all costs and the rest be damned, in the name of the people. Amen.

In Bolehland, where the people have only known one government for 60 long donkey years since independence, it becomes easier for those in power to do as they like because, for a long time, they are the only ones with all the powers in their hands.

For this, we have a lot to be thankful for, to the man who himself wants Ah Jib to step down as the Pm.

If Mahathir has any legacy to leave behind that will be remembered more than any other, it is the legacy of bequeathing a government that is arrogant and lacking in accountability.

A government that having managed to cow the institutions of state and law enforcement agencies, treads where it wants to without fear or restraint.

A government that effectively can point the middle finger at you and laugh at your impotence.

Instead of answering simple questions to put the concern of Bolehlanders to rest and call the bluff of his perceived conspirators and put them in their place (if, indeed the allegations of 1MDB shenanigans  are anything but), Ah Jib continues to maintain a grave silence on the serious allegations of big sums of public money going into his personal bank accounts.

Just averring that he had never used any public fund for his personal gain, in the light of the damning allegations, the Pm has only convicted himself in the court of public opinion.

No matter what he does now to try to survive and stay on as the Pm, Ah Jib can't convince anyone to believe that he is somehow innocent and not culpable.

In some other jurisdictions, someone in the Pm's shoes would have long been roasted and put in the slammer or committed harakiri.

But in Bolehland, you are king as long as you are the Pm and holds the reins of power and patronage.

Because, the surrounding circus in the corridors of power all have their own reasons to stay compliant to the Pm's wishes.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

How Long Can Najib Stay On As The Pm?

How long Najib can stay on as the Pm is what every Bolehlander is talking about.

But when you have dug a hole so deep for yourself, it is hard to see how you can hope to crawl out of it.

The deep hole for Ah Jib is his failure to deny that named accounts in the WSJ and SR expose were his and/or that the 2.6 billion Ringgit said to have been deposited in them was ever true.

Just maintaining that he had never used public monies for his personal gain, in the light of the serious allegations, is not going to save Ah Jib and deceives nobody.

However much Ah Jib and his apologists try to divert the people's attention from the 1MDB scandal by accusing others of conspiring to topple him with false allegations, that singular failure of the Pm is enough to convict him in the court of public opinion.

Banning the Edge publications and blocking SR just adds to the perception that indeed there must have been big time defrauding.

Otherwise, why the need to stop the media from reporting on the scandal? Is it the fear that further unsavoury facts might be unearthed?

Nobody believes for a second the excuse that the Edge's reports on the scandal are a threat to the security of the nation.

What is and will be a sure threat to the economic well-being and security of the nation is failure to expose (or, worse still, collusion in covering up) wrong doings and corrupt practices when and where they exist.

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