Sunday, June 28, 2015

Today The World Is Under Threat By Religious Extremists

Today the world is under threat by religious extremists.

When ISIS first burst upon the world, people were taken by surprise..

Even our Pm praised them and went so far as to urge dUMNo to emulate ISIS for their spirit of heroism whatever that was supposed to mean.

Later of course, Ah Jib recanted. Not surprising for a leader who is weak, wishy washy and flippy floppy and one who often speaks without thinking.

On the world level, there is just no leadership. Obama is an equally weak leader.

The US president was the one who hurriedly oversaw the final withdrawal of American troops from Iraq that left a vacuum that ISIS took fast advantage of to sweep through large swaths of the land and the same in Syria.

Even the international response to the ISIS threat is desultory and half hearted at best and belated at worst.

This has led to the attacks on tourists in Tunisia and probably to the bombing of a Kuwaiti mosque. An what has happened in France,

What the world needs is a leader who is not a weakling. Obama, unfortunately, is surely not the one.

Here in Bolehland, we ourselves are beginning to see a more extremist approach taking shape. Now even government departments won't entertain the public whom they perceive as not being 'decently' dressed.

This has happened because of a weak government that is seen as more concerned with its own survival and interested in playing the racial and religious card.

If Bolehland is not careful, we just might become more vulnerable and ripe for extremism to take root.

What Bolehland needs is a change of government and a leader who is firm but incorruptible and fair to everyone.

And that leader won't come from dUMNo.

No, by a long shot.

Because dUMNo has proven itself to be unreliable and often perceived to be corrupt.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Suddenly With The Thai Arrest Of Mr Justo Everything Is Now Honky Dory With 1MDB??

If Ah Jib & Co think that Mr Justo's arrest will clear them or anyone of any 1MDB wrongdoings, they had be better off rooting for something else more convincing and less farcical.

In the first place, the arrest itself looked too 'serendipitous' for anyone to be convinced or comfortable with it. In fact, discerning Bolehlanders were just smirking when they got news of it.

Something just didn't seem right.

What crime had Mr Justo committed in Thailand in the first place to justify his arrest there?

Why were the Thai police so eager to arrest someone allegedly for a wrong not committed there if indeed it was about tampering with e-mails?

And why would PetroSaudi be said to have paid off handsomely a supposedly rogue employee unless they had something they didn't want the world to know?

And if indeed there had been tampering of e-mails, does that justify Ah Jib's inability to give straight and unambiguous answers as to the actual nature of the investments with PetroSaudi or anyone else?

And why did 1MDB pay overboard for their acquisitions of the power plants? Who actually benefited or benefited more from the transactions?

Where was the money that was said to have been 'repatriated' from the Caymans but deposited in Singapore?

How did the money morph from cash to 'assets' to 'units' in the short time that it took for an answer? What is meant by 'assets' and what is meant by 'units'?

Are they unfathomable and mysterious entities that cannot be expressed in words? Or were these just fictitious characters conjured up to impress and convince a gullible public?

And what has happened to the rest of the billions after accounting for the cost of the overpriced power plants and land that 1MDB is said to have invested in?

In simple, clear, believable and unmistakable language and proof positive.

And why is the sovereign fund said to be finding it difficult to even meet the interests on the 42 billion Ringgit debt it is said to have taken on in just six years of its existence?

Unless Mr Xavier Justo himself  was responsible for all the business and investment decisions and transactions of 1MDB, his arrest does not absolve anyone or answer the questions Bolehlanders want answers to.

UPDATE: Sarawak Report's reply to allegations that they had used the allegedly tampered emails to paint a bad picture of 1MDB and PetroSaudi

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

How Come Bolehlanders Are Not Talking About The 11th Malaysia Plan?

Have you noticed that nobody is talking about the 11th Malaysia Plan?

Maybe there are a very few who have and that just goes to show that nobody cares about what the government is saying or planning to do nowadays.

That is because Bolehlanders no longer trust Ah Jib's administration.

What Bolehlanders are hearing these day is 1MDB and missing billions and corruption and abuses of power. And evasive answers. And nobody owing up to anything or taking responsibility for anything.

What we are hearing is how some people can afford to live it up jet setting and partying and holding grand expensive dos while many Bolehlanders can't even call the house they stay in 'home' because they just might be evicted because they cannot afford to pay rent as the cost of everything shoots up and the value of the Ringgit dives south.

And while the powers that be continue to holler that they are the champions of the Malays, many Malays still need handouts like BR1M to survive and then be yoked, like everyone else, by the burden of GST that takes away more than what BR1M is supposed to give.

We are not even certain whether there is 1Malaysia to talk of.

Because of people like The Frog and the Kiasu Chinese wannabe 'Malay' guy and NGOs like the Is and Ma and the Per and Kasa fellows with their decidedly antagonistic bytes. And the government keeping quiet. Or aiding and abetting in their silence?

Or whether there really is freedom to practise one's faith without being told what is permissible. Like being told to take down the cross from a church building. Or told that you can't utter a certain name because you are not of a particular faith.

Because too, Bolehlanders have lost faith in the institutions that are supposed to mean much to them - like the law enforcement agencies and the institution that is supposed to be their last bastion of hope, the judiciary.

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