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Friday, August 15, 2014

Of Potatoes, Nouri Al-Maliki And Khalid Ibrahim

ordinary malaysian | Friday, August 15, 2014 | Best Blogger Tips
The Selangor MB fiasco is taking on a bizarre turn with the man at the center of the farce being the potato himself.

The MB issue is a very simple one.

When the party to which you belonged had nominated you for the post in the first place and put you in the MB seat now wanted you out and have in fact expelled you for not toeing party line, you leave gracefully.

That is all to it. You leave to allow someone else be nominated in your place.

Khalid has only brought ignominy and discredit to himself by insisting on holding on to the post at all costs.

That reminds me of Nouri Al-Maliki who had insisted on staying on as the Prime Minister of Iraq even as his country burns and his party colleagues no longer supported him.

In the case of Al-Maliki, it seemed that he had insisted on hanging on to save his own skin.

We hope Khalid is not trying to hang on for the same reason.

But it will be hard to disabuse voters from thinking otherwise, especially after the multi-million Ringgit bank suit against him. And his shameless insistence on hanging on, even to the extent of sacking two third of his exco and going on the bareback 4 to continue.

We all love potatoes.

But not one that thinks it is more than a tuber.
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Monday, August 11, 2014

Now That Khalid Is Sacked, Pas Should Be Told To Leave Pakatan Or Be Expelled Too

ordinary malaysian | Monday, August 11, 2014 | Best Blogger Tips
Now that Khalid has been sacked from PKR, Pas should be told to leave if they can't, don't want to or are unwilling to cooperate with its partners in the coalition.

Khalid has lost all respect and credibility.

He should for once behave like a man and not go crying to the palace like a shameless cry baby.

This potato obviously doesn't care a hoot for anyone except for wanting to cling to the MB post.

Why does he think that the post is his personal fiefdom?

In politics, if you can't toe the party line, you get out. It is as simple as that.

Khalid's obstinacy only rises question as to his motives and suspicion that it all has a lot to do with the multi million Ringgit bank suit against him.

PKR should sooner decide to proceed with a vote of no confidence in the State Assembly against Khalid and risk a snap election.

That is not so bad than to prolong the matter of a recalcitrant MB, one who only listens to himself.

Infinitely not so bad.

But, Pas should also be told to leave the coalition or be expelled from it.

PKR and DAP could go it alone.

In fact, they would stand a better chance than with Pas around.

Not many voters are enamoured wth the Islamic party and I dare say that many of the votes that went to it in the past were largely because of PKR and DAP in the coalition.

Pas can join up with dUMNo like they had twice in the past and be played out and jilted once again.

Rome was not built in a day.

The road to Putrajaya might take a little longer.

At least though, the chance of that happening will be brighter without Pas in the picture.

The question is whether PKR has the wisdom or the guts to tell Pas enough is enough.

Like they finally did to Khalid.
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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Khalid, Just Leave! - It's Not Guthrie, It's Selangor!

ordinary malaysian | Tuesday, August 05, 2014 | Best Blogger Tips
The Selangor Mentri Besar impasse is unnecessarily being prolonged.

And the man at the center of all the intransigence is the MB himself.

Khalid probably still thinks that being the head of the State Executive is the self same as being the CEO of Guthrie.

No, by a long stretch of the imagination.

The MB post is a political one, not a business appointment.

When it came to politics, even the Macbeth witches knew better than to mix the two. That would be a toxic brew too much even for them to handle.

No wiser person there should be than for one to mistake politics for business or, worse still, to mix them up.

If Khalid has any sense left, he should just pack up pronto and leave when the party that had nominated him for the post now wants him out.

Or, if he had any decency left, not trying to flog his credentials to third parties to gain their sympathy.

It just makes one wonder why Khalid wants so desperately to cling on to the post when his own party wants him out.

Especially after the case with the bank that had sued him for a multi-miliion Ringgit loan.

Is he trying to cling on to power to further save his own skin?

Anyway one looks at the whole fiasco, Khalid looks pathetic.

And that is not good for an MB. Or the confidence of Selangor folks.

dUMNo might want to sing his praises. That is another matter.

You and I knew better. The opportunistic sharks circling the waters for the kill.

Khalid's hanger-ons might want to flog the MB's record of chalking up a 3 billion Ringgit surplus for the state as credential to retain him in the post.

But what has he done with the surplus? The first thing he did was to reward himself and his exco and the state assemblymen with indecent increases in their allowances.

That's a brilliant achievement for the state of course!

The second great accomplishment?

To buy over said to be bankrupt or near bankrupt debt ridden entities so as to take over the water assets and management of the state water resources?

After that, what do you have?

Such said to be debt ridden and troubled entities should not even be paid a cent of the state's monies. In fact, these non or under performing creatures should pay the state for taking over their troubles, don't you think?

Khalid's 3 billion Ringgit surplus for the state will go down in history as an achievement of sorts, but not one Selangor folks will applaud for long.

Meanwhile, there is the matter of your party wanting you out, Khalid!

Pronto or bravado?
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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Blardy Haze And Opera Shows

ordinary malaysian | Tuesday, July 29, 2014 | Best Blogger Tips
The blardy haze is back!

It is an annual thing - coming in like an evil specter, making everything 100x more miserable and choking the lives out of us!

However, we can't expect any help form the dUMNo led government who can only kick their thin kicks legs in the air like an upturned roach, helpless when pressed and hapless when not.

It is a government the less kindly souls say is haunted by the ghost of Altantuya.

The haze is mostly a trans border one, brought about by greedy businesses and businessmen who adopt Neanderthal means to earn the extra dollar, slashing and burning large tracks of land for replanting.

Some of these are said to be Malaysian concerns operating in Indonesia from where the smoky specter creeps in.

Each time, the same sandiwara (drama/opera show) will be rehashed and played out.

Promises will be made to send personnel to help the Indonesian authorities put out the fires. Their government would in turn threaten to take action against the culprits for causing them.

High sounding trans border committees will be formed allegedly to study the problem and look into how to contain it in future.

But each year the cycle repeats and the ghostly haze freely haunts again.

While we long suffering hoi polloi smart, cough, choke and sputter for breath and life.

Now, if only we could whack the businesses/businessmen. Or the complacent (even complicit?) governments! That might just chase the problem away, ultimately.

No need for sandiwaras or opera shows!
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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Is God A Monster Or Are The Religionists Wrong?

ordinary malaysian | Thursday, July 24, 2014 | Best Blogger Tips
Religionists often can't or don't want to see beyond their short holier-than-thou noses that, if truth be told, are not only short in wisdom but are more crooked than holy?

Every time a disaster happens, they explain it as god's wrath in visitation of sinful creatures.

These irksome zealots are just too lazy to think - unable to grasp anything more strenuous than, well, a sinful yawn.

MAS flight MH17 disaster has similarly not escaped their holy prognostications - alcohol and 'sexy' stewardess uniforms being the bane of a vengeful god this time!

Is god a monster or what? Has god nothing better to do than to mind men's business? Is god so unoccupied?

Nobody needs be convinced that such a god won't deserve mankind's respect, much less our worship.

On the one hand, these religionists preach that god is ever merciful, loving, compassionate and forgiving.

On the other, they jump to put every disaster as proof of god's vengeful nature. Are they making a fool of god or making a fool of themselves?

IF ALCOHOL IS THE PROBLEM, more than half the world's airlines would have perished a long time ago if such a vengeful divinity existed.

And if 'sexy' dressing is the bane, another half would have vanished too!

What is the problem with alcohol? If after consuming alcohol you become inebriated, is it the fault of alcohol itself?

It is how you abuse it that is the problem.

The same as how many people abuse their religions religious beliefs that has brought more misery to mankind than alcohol could or ever did.

Just ask those who believe that they will attain heaven to enjoy all the carnal fruits they are proscribed from enjoying here on earth who have killed supposedly in god's name, in their mistaken jihadist zeal, the pain and miseries they have wrought, not to mention the innocent lives they have taken in god's name.

How beautiful is that for the religionists to preach the sanctity of life - or do they? - and yet sanction or believe in killing in the divine's name?

Are we sure that a supposedly almighty, all powerful being is so helpless, so weak that it needs puny men to fight for it and defend its good name and faith?

The only god that exists, is the god of conscience who would not ever think of killing to avenge in vengeance. Avenge Vengeance against what?

God creates everything and god plays god?

Would we kill our own children just because they offend us, they break our code of conduct?

I suppose some would, in the name of god.

And claim heaven as their reward!
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Saturday, July 19, 2014

MAS And Bolehland: Symptomatic Of A Deeper Malaise?

ordinary malaysian | Saturday, July 19, 2014 | Best Blogger Tips
Two unspeakable disasters in 4 months involving the national airline with tragic and massive loss of lives are not something that anyone can take.

Not something that we should try to divert attention from and bury our heads in the sand hoping to find scapegoats.

We won't find any scapegoat in the sand even if we could conjure some magic to our aid.

In the case of flight MH17, why were we still flying the dangerous Ukraine air route?

If the excuse was that the aviation authorities themselves didn't think there was risk and that other airlines too were doing the same, does that absolve us from the responsibility to ensure that the safety of passengers came first and that given the ongoing civil conflict in Ukraine, it was not sensible to take any risk.

If the excuse was that we had been using the same route all the while and that that route was the most direct and most economical one, were we putting the bottom line above the safety of the passengers?

If some other airlines had the foresight not to risk using the troubled Ukraine air space, why couldn't we do the same?

If  MAS cannot operate competitively without dangerously cutting costs, then it should buck up or close shop.

For goodness's sake, MAS has been bleeding the nation! How long should we allow our pride to bankrupt the country? In this regard, the dUMNo led government must bear much of the blame too for beleaguering or allowing the airline to be beleaguered with crony businesses that cut at the airline's bottom line.

In the case of missing MH370, why had the government been so intransigent and less than forthcoming? Does it know something that it is not saying?

How could such a big aircraft like MH370, in this day and age, just disappear into the thin air (or the ocean, if you like, haha) without any trace, despite a massive international effort to locate it?

Is there an international conspiracy to cover up an inconvenient truth, after all?

If so, it just goes to reinforce people's perception of the criminal imbecility of Big Brothers everywhere who place their own survival above all else.
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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Bung, Bong, Hitler, Green Bra And Soccer

ordinary malaysian | Saturday, July 12, 2014 | Best Blogger Tips
We do not know if Hitler had a fetish for bras, especially for green ones.

But Hitler's Bolehland big time admirer, Bung the Bong (oops, as in deep resonant nosy sound), certainly shows a predilection for this piece of women's apparel - especially if they are green ones.

This is the same guy who once in Parliament un-parliamentarily took exception to 'bocor' (literally 'leaking, leaky'- meaning menstruating) women in the august house.

Soccer and Hitler have little to do with bras.

One is the madness of many.

The other was a hated madman.

The last has no relation to both.

Not even if they are green!

But not to the Bong, apparently.

Whose genius in soccer, it seems, consists of hailing Hitler for the Brazilian thrashing.

And twitting green bra to his detractor.

This man, hails himself too, after the manner of a madman.

But where goes his Parliamentary obligations?

To soccer, Hitler and green bras?

Haha...just his green cup of tea?
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