Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Are Moderate Malays Finally Speaking Up?

It is a long time in coming, but nevertheless heartening that moderate Malays are beginning to speak up.

Malay right wing groups with their supremacist spoutings have hogged the headlines in recent years and no one was speaking out against them, or dared to, except for some opposition politicians, some of whom have been charged for sedition instead.

Worse still, an incendiary call to burn Malay language Bibles was excused by the authorities as not of a seditious nature but uttered in defence of Islam.

In such a milieu, how would it be possible then to stop the extremists and wannabes from further emboldening themselves to wreck mischief if moderate Muslims remain silent and don't or fear to speak up?

Now that some have, what is the dUMNo led government going to do? It has largely kept an irresponsible silence to all the racial and religious baiting and provocation.

In fact, dUMNo has only added to the disquiet by themselves resorting to chasing after shadows and flogging imaginary ghosts and goblins seemingly in a desperate attempt to stay afloat with their supporters and to hopefully retain support of the Malays.

There is a sense, however, that dUMNo has long since lost its way and its days are numbered.

It appears that all dUMNo cares for now is to discourage public discourse and criticism and hope that by condoning (?) an uncertain situation (or even silently encouraging it?) the populace will be be suitably frightened to allow it to remain in power. This seems like what it is from Najib going back on his word to repeal the Sedition Act.

We have not seen a Pm so unsure and uncertain of himself as Ah Job Kor who seems capitally unable to keep to his words from the day he took office, flip flopping from one solemn promise to another according to where the wind blows, so as to stay in the good books of the party warlords?

Indeed of being a leader?

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The dUMNo Circus: Chasing Shadows And Flogging Imaginary Ghosts And Goblins

The dUMNo circus duly came and went.

The acts were all hackneyed, stale, rehashed and as old as the hills behind the Putrajaya woods.

Chasing shadows and flogging imaginary ghosts and goblins have become the standard pathetic acts dUMNo has been reduced to.

None of the acts ditched out at their just concluded gathering would inspire anyone because all that that could be imagined or conjured to take your breath away has been used up to the nth degree.

Even their ring master had to backtrack on his promise to the rakyat just so that he would not sound out of place with the rest of the panting, pandering protagonists.

And their supposedly bright, young spark and gem (from whom much was expected), could not help but sound much like the rest of the brilliant cast.

Once they could hold their heads high, today dUMNo could only hope that by rehashing the same old scary tales, their target audience would remain suitably contained and remain die hard supporters.

Only, flogging the same old imaginary horses to get attention, gets tiring even to their most ardent of supporters. Who wants to see the same old imaginary ghosts and goblins conjured up and paraded before your eyes every time?

At least put some colours and variety to the tales.

Demonising the Chinese and purveying themselves as protectors of race, religion and monarchy in a multi racial nation after all these years as the ruling kingpins, just tell others that dUMNo has failed the nation.

Nothing was said about how to tackle the rising cost of living, fight against corruption or how to combat the deteriorating racial and religious situation, the last brought about by people who hope to gain from churning the waters.

Certainly no one was talking about the economy.

No wonder only 47% had voted for the ruling coalition in the last GE.

That means an even smaller percentage had voted for dUMNo.

Friday, November 28, 2014

"Holy cow! I didn't believe it when they told me 'Malaysia Boleh!'"

In Bolehland, believe it or not, it seems that there are words that non-Muslims are proscribed by law from using, such as name of place of Muslim house of worship like 'mas***' and 'su***'

This is likely to cause a lot of problem to a lot of people.

Newly arrived tourist to taximan: 'Please take me to Mas*** Jamek'

Taximan: 'Where did you say you want to go to, Sir?'

Tourist: 'Mas*** Jamek, please'

Taximan: 'Well, Sir, in that case, I have to first send you to the local police station'

Tourist: 'But why? I am going to Mas*** Jamek! Not to the local police station!'

Taximan: 'Sir, you misunderstand. According to the law here, it is an offence for a non-Muslim to use the word 'mas***' Sorry, Sir, but I have no choice but to deliver you to the local police. You are welcome to Bolehland!'

Tourist: 'Holy cow! I didn't believe it when they told me "Malaysia Boleh!" Now I regret for being so disbelieving and such a smart dumb ass!'

Selamat datang ke Malaysia! (Welcome to Malaysia!)

Land of endless possibilities.

Where you can expect the unexpected.

And where the unexpected is par for the course.

Or so it appears.

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