Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Listen, Listen, Listen....!

Listen, listen, listen...

Najib is to blame! This guy just loves anything to do with one (1).

So we have heard of the stillborn 1Malaysia child. The child became stillborn because Najib's deputy apparently got jealous and whacked the hell out of it.

And apparently and understandably still pining for the lost child, as any loving parent would, Najib spawned many others after the first unborn.

So, we have 1Kedai, 1Klinik and whatnot.

But we have not heard of Suara Wanita 1 Malaysia (SW1M)

Until of course, 1 Sharifah Zoha Jabeen decided that she needed to stamp her presence and swim!


One Sharifah Zoha Jabeen is enough.

The only difference between you and her is that she has a degree.

You got one or not?

She also has the most of pendidikan (education)

You got or not?


One Sahrifah Zoha Jabeen is enough.

We don't need a Natrah to add to the distinguished list

Of course we are familiar with the Malaysian economy. But there is nothing wise about it.

And about cats and dogs, please wise up to your bo-see (if you don't understand the word, don't blame me one lah ok? me inglish so so only what, you action one ah?) and tell her about cows and condos too, birkins and diamonds, and maybe carpets and popiah, and submarines and subletting and maybe also Mongolian beauty no?

Cats and dogs no can tell, if you can listen to opposite leader as you to do, me can listen no opposite leader as me to do what!

But I really pity the students and especially the staff, of UUM (Universiti Utara Malaysia)

You guys could only listen. listen, listen...

Yes, yes, yes..?

Aiyah, finished lo!

Half-past six leaders (Mahathir said this one, no me say), half-past six students one, half-past six staff one also ah?

No wonder we no no economy wised

Bavani, bravo!!

Now, here, when I speak Listen, listen, listen

Or go to you tube and here and listen, listen, listen


  1. The video is a hilarious take on a tragic scene in a university. That a woman like this could possibly be allowed to speak in a place of high education is remarkable!
    Duncan In Kuantan

  2. You are right Duncan, it was really remarkable! And what was even more pathetic was that the other students and that bunch of panelists could only listen, listen, listen and say yes, yes, yes. Really sorry for the "least of pendidikan (education)" we are dishing out to our students. Really, the "forum" of nothing much more than an indoctrination session where our students are taught to love the administration despite all its flaws and abuses.

    1. A typo error, '..the "forum" of..' should read 'the "forum" was..'



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