Saturday, December 24, 2011

Is God Having It Too Good Or Are We Just Crazy?

I have been thinking.

We have been taking care of God more than God has been taking care of us.

For a being who is supposed to be almighty, ever-loving and compassionate it should have been the other way.

We attend church, go to the synagogue or the temple or mosque. We tithe or pay zakat or make contributions.

We sing God's praises.

We jump to God's defence when someone insults Him. We even kill in His name to prove our faith.

It is crazy.

For someone who is supposed to be omnipotent I thought God could very well defend Himself or certainly fight His own battles.

In fact, He should fight the battles for us puny men and not the other way round.

Is God having it too good or are we just crazy?

I hope no one is offended. Just some crazy rumination.

Or is it?


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